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The perfect solution to lost or missing keys may be having your existing locks re-keyed.

Lost or stolen keys?

When your keys get lost or stolen it naturally leads to concerns about the security of your home or business.

The good news is that usually you don�t have to replace your locks. Often the cost effective solution is to have your locks re-keyed. New keys are then provided for the rekeyed locks and the previous keys are no longer a security threat.

Which locks can be rekeyed?

Almost all locks are capable of being altered to only work with new keys including:

Doors and Windows

Cars and Vehicles for most models

High security storage units and safes

Rekeying locks is a relatively fast process and more often than not the most cost-effective solution to replacing well functioning locks when keys go missing.

We Strive For Repeat Business

A lot of companies are happy just to do one job for a person and move on… We are not one of them we would like to be there every time you need a Locksmith in Brisbane

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We carry a wide range of locks in our vans to get the job done the First time whether its a Lock install, Lock Replacement, Broken key to a Commercial Master Key System one of our Mobile Brisbane Locksmith Van can be there in a reasonable time at your convenience.
When adding the total years of Locksmith Knowledge with in the this Business its in excess of 80 to 100 years and Growing every day to become the best specialist to provide you with the most comprehensive Lock solution on the Market.

We are happy to be one of the most Knowledgeable Brisbane Car Locksmiths with all the latest Key Machine and Programmers and with the latest Update from the Australian Market to the International Imported Cars.

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Let us take Care of all Security Needs 24/7 Days a Week

Broken key to a complete house full of Locks we are the Brisbane Locksmith you need With all our vans GPS Tracked we know exactly how far away they are and give you an up to date when we can help you. All our Mobile Brisbane Locksmiths Vans carry a number of Security Screen Locks, Dead Bolts, Padlocks and Letter Box Locks.

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Can You Replace My Locks ??

This is a common misconception that when keys are lost the locks have to be replace, this is incorrect.

Only on very small occasions we have to replace the locks this is usually when poor Quality locks have been fitted like some hardware sell. the reason these are not worth rekeying is the cores(barrels) are made from diecast and only has enough to let the lock work.

rekeying, rebarreling, repinning and keyed alike are some terms you might hear when it comes to locksmith talk, our 24 Seven Mobile Brisbane Locksmiths Vans carry all new locks and enough product to do your job in one go 24 hours a day.

If you have been broken into we are happy to invoice the insurance company as long as we have an order number to make sure that there is no out of pocket expense for yourself.