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Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

We receive different questions all times of day these are some of our most common.

Can You Cut Keys To My Car ??2021-09-08T12:23:16+10:00

Being one of the selected Businesses that RACQ has approve to be an automotive Repair we were chosen for our knowledge and Van setupsĀ  to do Automotive work. We are able to cut around 90% of the Australian Car key Market and make keys to Cars Dealers no Longer support.

Do You Cut Keys ??2021-09-08T11:44:31+10:00

Yes this is correct! We do get asked this question on a daily basis but we have to become accustom to it. The answer is YES we do,and we love it. Car Keys are our hardest to do as we have to program these to the car most times, we also do Safe Keys, Keys to Code, Boat Keys, Caravan Keys Etc Etc

Can I Get My Locks Replaced ??2021-09-08T11:54:37+10:00

This is why you call a locksmith over a handy man, we can replace your locks but its cheaper to rekey your locks. The difference is when you rekey a lock we use your lock that is on the door but we change the tumblers in the barrel to a new key so the old key does not work.. One key? most times when we rekey a home we hand the owner one key that fits all the locks that includes security screens as well as all other door including the shed door… Give us a call and we will see what we can do for you..

What is a Master Key ??2021-09-08T12:03:40+10:00

Master/Skeleton Key in the olden days this is what was now called Keyed Alike which in turn means 1 key to do several Locks.. These days we now can do a Master Key System, this is done for Businesses so that they can control who has access to different areas and all keys are stamped with an issue number on them. Master Key systems then allow the owner of the system to allocate staff a key to there level of access and sign for the issue number so they have the reassurance that no keys have been cut.

Can You Let Me Into My House/Car ??2021-09-08T12:11:53+10:00

We have a well trained 24 Hour Locksmith team that is able to Gain Entry to Your Home, Car and Safe, we set our standards high as there are companies that will offer cheap rates to do your work but will destroy your lock and give you a big bill. Worst thing about these companies they tell you to call a locksmith to repair what they have done sometimes this includes a door and this could be a fire door which could be up to 2 thousand dollars.


Why use a Locksmith ??2021-09-08T12:17:49+10:00

When you choose to use a locksmith at 24 Seven Master Locksmiths you get a Fully Security Licensed Locksmith who has Insurance to cover them working on Commercial sites. Our Locksmiths have all access to the latest knowledge and programming machines for cars.

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We carry a wide range of locks in our vans to get the job done the First time whether its a Lock install, Lock Replacement, Broken key to a Commercial Master Key System one of our Mobile Brisbane Locksmith Van can be there in a reasonable time at your convenience.

When adding the total years of Locksmith Knowledge with in the this Business its in excess of 80 to 100 years and Growing every day to become the best specialist to provide you with the most comprehensive Lock solution on the Market.

We are happy to be one of the most Knowledgeable Brisbane Car Locksmiths with all the latest Key Machine and Programmers and with the latest Update from the Australian Market to the International Imported Cars.

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