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Repairing an existing lock/door can often be a faster and cheaper alternative to replacing it but on the chance it can not be repaired our Mobile Brisbane Locksmith Van carry a complete range of new Locks onboard.

Lock Repair or Replacement?

One of our expert locksmiths can assess your locks and advise you whether you should repair or replace them. whether you do need your locks repaired or replaced we can have your lock fixed on the spot.

Our lock repair services include:

#Door and Window Locks

#Screen Door Upgrades to Triple Lock

#Locks for Cars and Vehicles

#Electronic, Magnetic & Combination Locks

Fully Mobile Workshop

Every one of 24 Seven Locksmith vehicle is like a fully mobile workshop. All the tools needed are carried on board to get your job done the first time the correct way.

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We Strive For Repeat Business

A lot of companies are happy just to do one job for a person and move on… We are not one of them we would like to be there every time you need a Locksmith in Brisbane

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We carry a wide range of locks in our vans to get the job done the First time whether its a Lock install, Lock Replacement, Broken key to a Commercial Master Key System one of our Mobile Brisbane Locksmith Van can be there in a reasonable time at your convenience.
When adding the total years of Locksmith Knowledge with in the this Business its in excess of 80 to 100 years and Growing every day to become the best specialist to provide you with the most comprehensive Lock solution on the Market.

We are happy to be one of the most Knowledgeable Brisbane Car Locksmiths with all the latest Key Machine and Programmers and with the latest Update from the Australian Market to the International Imported Cars.

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Do I need a professional to do my Commercial Locksmithing?

In Queensland Locksmiths have to be Licensed to do work on Commercial premises, this is especially in securing a business, it’s important to call 24 Seven Master Locksmith to do the job as we are fully licensed and Insured. Commercial Properties also come under a lot of other codes to do with doors whether they are a Fire Door, Fire Egress Door or a Pedestrian Door this will mean if you can put deadlocks on, Fire Rated Locks, Door Closers just to name a few, p

Store fronts or larger businesses with various offices in a commercial building, choose to install Master Key System to help with staff access and to cut down on the price of putting electric access to every door. These are not the kinds of locks you can go to a hardware and buy as the quality is most the time a lot more high quality than they stock. These locks are only sold by Professional locksmiths and suppliers.

24 Seven Master Locksmiths have what you need.

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When Quality Counts and you need a

Brisbane Locksmith.

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Let us take Care of all Security Needs 24/7 Days a Week

Broken key to a complete house full of Locks we are the Brisbane Locksmith you need With all our vans GPS Tracked we know exactly how far away they are and give you an up to date when we can help you. All our Mobile Brisbane Locksmiths Vans carry a number of Security Screen Locks, Dead Bolts, Padlocks and Letter Box Locks.

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The Quality Auto Locksmith Brisbane Trusts

Whether you’ve simply misplaced your keys or they’ve been locked inside your Car or Truck, we can help you get back on the road fast! 24 Seven Master offers a wide range of both Residential and Commercial locksmithing services for Cars, Vans, Trucks, Motor Bikes and more in Brisbane and surrounding area. Our experienced Automotive technicians can come to you, making it more quicker than ever to get the job done when you need it most. Speed and efficiency are two of our main focuses, which means you’ll spend less time waiting when you call us. As soon as you call, we can arrange a time that our automotive Brisbane locksmith will be on the job. Whether the situation is complicated or simple, rest assured that we’ll arrive with all of the tools and equipment necessary to get the job done in no time. No matter what make and model you’re driving, 24 Seven Master Locksmiths can handle your needs.

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A Broken lock may not be Broken

These days its just another thing in our lives we just don’t need but here are the questions we might ask when you call

  • Lubricate your Lock !    Saying this use a wet (good)Lubricant.

  • Does the lock work when the door is open

  • Is the door off its Runners

  • Can you see any Damage to the lock


While we are in the colder months locks dry out and Lubricants harden so if you use a good Quality wet Lubricant this will usually penetrate the lock and free it up.

When a lock works fine when the door is open means its an alignment issue and the door just has to be realign for the lock to lock again.

Runners this is another issue we have with mainly security screens this is why we carry a number of new rollers for these doors in all our mobile Brisbane locksmith vans.

For All Your Safe Needs

Most the time people don’t think of a locksmith when they think about buying a safe, but they should because we stand behind our manufacturer and we can service, repair, open, move, and install the safe you buy. 24 Seven Master Locksmiths safe professional are available when things go wrong with your safe to take the stress out of your day.

You never know when you might get locked out of your safe. For instance, you might work at work and need to get cash out to open , when all of the sudden the safe won’t open. Who do you call? 24 Seven Master Locksmiths

24 Seven Master Locksmiths are trained to safes by several means, one of which is drilling. If we have to drill the safe we always do it with the less damage that is possible to open it so that we can repair it and get it back working in less time possible.

For all your safe needs in Brisbane and surrounding areas call

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